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Saiki, Takao is a Japanese producer currently living in Japan. He lived and worked as a TV commercial line producer in Los Angeles for 13 years. In 1978, he began to co-produce TV commercial in U.S.A. under the name of Locations Unlimited. He established his own production service company, SIZE, both in Los Angeles and Tokyo in 1980. He began to co-produce TV commercials for Shiseido, Sony, Honda, Toyota, Panasonic and other major corporations for the Japanese market. He then branched out his production offices in New York and Sydney, Australia.

He produced a free paper, TRANS NEWS FORM in 1983, and also produced an interview video, VIDEO VOICE in 1985 for the Japanese advertising industry. VIDEO VOICE has interviewed numerous artists, such as Andy Warhol, John Lurie, David Sanborn, Syd Mead, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Robert Longo, Steven Okazaki, Wynton Marsalis, Survival Research Lab, Matthew Rolston, David Lachapelle, Zbigniew Rybczinski, to name a few.

He has produced music videos for the Japanese artists by collaborating with directors, Julien Temple for Dreams Come True “Winter Song”, and with Vincent Gallo for L’Arc~en~Ciel “Anemone”.

He has been producing numerous TV commercials for the Japanese market, for clients, such as Parco, Nestle, etc. “Tobira No Muko”(Left Handed) is the first feature film he has produced.

“Jyunanasai no Wakare”(17 Short Lived) is the first documentary film he has directed and produced.



Takuro Iwagami was born in Kagoshima prefecture in 1958. He worked at the Tokyo Eizo Center after graduating from Tama Art Academy Movie Department. He became a freelance cameraman after working as an assistant cameraman for both stills and film. He has been exploring in the world of music video, live performance video, TV commercial and movie with gifted photography technique.

His music video works include Hide with Spread Beaver “Pink Spider”, “Rocket Dive”, Mr. Children “Hikari no Sasu Ho e”, “Brand-new My Lover”, “Kuchibue”, Blankey Jet City “Hidarikiki no baby”, “Akai tambourine”, “Furyo no Mori”, Exile “Futatsu no Kuchibiru”, “24 Karats Stay Gold”, “Rising Sun”, Ringo Shiina “Gibusu”, “Yami ni Furu Ame”, “Meisai”, Hikaru Utada “First Love”, “Can you keep a secret”, Ego Rappin “Kuchibashi ni Cherry”, Namie Amuro “Can You Celebrate? feat. Taro Hakase", and it goes on and on and on.

He has shot TV commercials for numerous clients and products, such as Suntory Reserve, Coca-Cola Zero, Right-on, Nikon Coolpix, Tully’s Coffee Barista, Kanebo Kate, Nissin Raoh, Toyota Voxy, to name a few.


Singer Song Writer

Norie Ishida was born and raised in Hokkaido. She started to learn how to play the piano since she was four. She studied Japanese literature at Fuji Women’s University and musical at Tokyo Musical Academy. Then she performed on various stages for concerts and musicals. Her distinctive clear voice and original syllable conveys “Word” strongly, and it touches to the nostalgy you have deep in your heart. She has a large repertorie of songs, which are not only her original songs but also folk songs, native songs and classical music of the world, such as Finnish, Mongolian and Japanese with her original arrangement.

She has released her first album called “Deer and Organ” October 2005 and also another album called “Yuzuriha” which she joined to the unit called Yuzuriha under the name of vocalist Rin April 2007. She is now stepping onto the new frontier of the music with strong minded of a mother, after having a daughter. Her new single called “Hocchare bushi” is on sale now at the CD shops and Amazon. She is singing overwhelmingly cheerfully and gently about the meaning of “Life” which has been lasting for a long time from ancient. The song “Mizu no Kioku”(Memory of the Water) used in the film, “Jyunanasai no Wakare” (17 Short Lived) was written, composed, performed and sung by her.

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